Simplify. by John J K Morris

Today because my patience was short, I removed as much of Mail's capability from my iPhone and iPad. The reason is that syncing just doesn't work from Mac to iOS. Using an iOS device to try and recall an email is pointless as so many emails just aren't carried over if I send a mail from my Mac. They are synced the other way around.

Then once that becomes a pointless task, I realised I don't actually need any email on my phone. I don't need to have something else to tend to once I buried the app and turned off its ability to grab email.

Should have simplified ages ago. This is much better.

Re: Becoming Steve Jobs by John J K Morris

This was an interesting read from the Verge, a reaction to the release of 'Becoming Steve Jobs - 'Steve Jobs didn't care if people thought he was an asshole. Why should we?'.

That last part, 'Why should we?', got me thinking, that if the first book had got it right (pity the cover image is so icon now), we wouldn't possibly need this second book, that's why we are still talking about it. Blame Walter Isaacson.

Fuji X100 ~ Review: A Love Returned, Nostalgia Reclaimed (Repost) by John J K Morris

Fuji X100 Review


I really only want to write once about the amazing Fuji X100. I will satisfy that intention by approaching it from two aspects:

  • As somebody who recently moved from an SLR system; replacing his setup with just the Fuji X100 (most of the technical comparisons are against my previous Canon equipment, some might consider this the wrong approach as the Fuji X100 isn’t an SLR replacement, but it is what it is).
  • As somebody who wanted to get back to the simplicity and joy of using a rangefinder camera (this was after having previously flirted with a number of them over the years, in particular a pair of Contax G2's).

So you're reading this, there is no doubt you're already well informed about the Fuji X100. Especially if you have been a regular reader of this blog. I've posted so much news, reviews and general information about the Fuji X100. I'll dispense with in-depth tests, image results, pixel peeping and weighty comparisons. You will have read them elsewhere. I’ll re-post some of the links if I feel I can’t add anything to what has already been published.

As we all know, the excitement started in September 2010 at the Photokina Trade show. When I first saw the X100, I thought it could give back to me a bit of my nostalgia for handling a film camera, while at the same time I also thought, finally this is what many photographers have been asking for; a digital sensor wrapped around the beauty and character of a rangefinder camera.

It didn't surprise me that it would be Fuji who were bringing a digital rangefinder to market. Fujifilm were always a little different with their innovations, releasing cameras now and again that were a bit odd; making us sit up and think for a moment. They did it with the GF670 (medium format film camera) and the Fuji W1 (a 3-D camera).

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Oh Ireland by John J K Morris

By accident, due to a set of legalese I'm barely interested in, mushrooms are legal for the moment in Ireland. But... 

“They all have very significant health risks that outweigh any perceived recreational benefits.” - Mr Varadkar

Then I thought of this slightly older two part Kevin Smith smodcast podcast (titled - 'Rogan's Run') with Joe Rogan as guest, it made me think more about the double standards governments have when it comes to recreational drug use.

Why are the more destructive drugs like alcohol and cigarettes allowed to be sold and taxed, but drugs without significant health risks like weed (especially edible varieties) and mushrooms aren't. We live with these contradictions still, maddening how governments move so slowly. Anyway, you don't need to listen to the second part of 'Rogan's Run', everything that illuminates regarding this topic is in the first part.

Part One and Part Two of Rogan's Run.

Dear Aperture Customer by John J K Morris

I'd rather try Photos beta without the OS X beta thanks. I guess I'll have to see how this goes when its finally finished and released and not before.

Normally I'm up to date on my software titles and I'm normally the one that gets weirded out when I see people using older versions of software, more with apps on phones (why do people not update their phone apps?). I hope the 3rd party module that I've heard about boosts the capability of the Photos app for those who don't want Adobe Lightroom or feel insecure with 3rd party (depending on their ability to stick around). 


New Podcasts for February by John J K Morris

This has been a very busy month, even if I fitted in a quick holiday to Thailand. This month I launched my third podcast series, this is my most serious and specific yet. Regular readers of the blog will know about the Hong Kong People Podcast. It's where I sit down in each episode and talk about Hong Kong's past, present and future with the interviewee.

All in all, 12 episodes have been released in the month of February. Enjoy.

Hong Kong People Podcast (subscribe here).

Already this month there have been 5 episodes released. The plan is to release 50 episodes this year on a 6 day release schedule. I'll be doing this podcast in series as I don't think I could sustain this level of output. In 2016 I'll release another 50 and so forth. This particular podcast is special from the other two as I can host it myself on Squarespace. Squarespace has worked out even better for me financially as I don't need to host it on Libsyn like I do with the other two podcasts.

  • Episode 1 - Chelsea.
  • Episode 2 - Nikki.
  • Episode 3 - Vanessa.
  • Episode 4 - Rea.
  • Episode 5 - Harminder and Tai.

If anybody from Hong Kong is listening and likes the show, please contact me and I'm happy to bring visitors of the website on the show.


JPG (subscribe here).

Episode 27 is what it is through an informal discussion with my co-host Charmaine. She's thinking of getting a squarespace account. So that's me trying to work through my first week. Episode 28 can seem a little mysterious if you judged it solely from the title. It's actually a discussion of CGP's Youtube video 'Humans Need Not Apply'Adam and myself attempt to solve some of the problems that the video raises. Episode 29 is a reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come', a New Yorker article by Ian Parker. Parker gets amazing access to the old and new Apple campuses and speaks to many important faces at Apple, with the focus on Jonathan Ive. The article is 17,000 words long and I was inspired by Mike Hurley of to do a reading of it. 

  • Episode 27 - First Week with Squarespace.
  • Episode 28 - Socialism and Genocide Sitting in a Tree.
  • Episode 29 - A Reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come'.





Prick Me (subscribe here).

Ami and myself finally finished our critic of Susanne Venker with Side E of 'An Anti-Feminist'. Then the next episodes from Prick Me are a discussion of various news stories we've come across. Next month I'll be doing some interviews with various individuals about their thought processes when it comes to dating, this is alongside our usual discussion topics. With that idea taking time to create, Prick Me episodes are possibly being moved to a longer release schedule. Most likely one episode every two weeks just like JPG.

  • Episode 10 - An Anti-Feminist, Side E.
  • Episode 11 - A News Round Up.
  • Episode 12 - Photography as a Tool for Gender Equality.
  • Episode 13 - Agreeing with Compliments from Men.

If you like any of the shows, stick around, subscribe and if possible leave feedback on the iTunes Store.

Oh Just 3D Print It. by John J K Morris

There's an article over at regarding a new type of Beehive. It's a big deal because it's a beehive with a tap. That means you don't disturb the bees so much when collecting. Imagine the extra convenience and less stress placed on the bees.

Anyway that isn't the point. The point to note is currently the last comment by commentator 'TR'.

Looks like after someone gets one they can 3D scan and print the parts to make another. Ooh, I didn’t say that...
— TR ( commentator)

3D printers are public knowledge, but how many are out there? Well Gartner says:

The latest forecasts from Gartner on 3D printers worldwide sales are 108,151 units in 2014 and 217,350 units in 2015. This number will then more than double in 2016, 2017 and 2018, when he is expected to exceed 2.3 million units sold.

Even with expected sales accounted for up to 2017, we are still not talking the first year of iPhone 1 numbers (5.4 million Q3 2007-Q3 2008). But what TR's comment illustrates is the disruption 3D printing is going to create. TR mentions 3D printing the beehives because the creator of the beehive is selling the beehives with taps for over $400 USD.

TR's comment already takes for granted a technology that's already been enabling people to circumvent typical everyday transactions that occur today.

If you have one of those 3D printers or know somebody with one, there's no need (as a beekeeper) to buy it. We are on the cusp of everybody downloading anything they want. If you thought the music industry was being buggered by Napster (because the value of music dropped as soon as there was an alternative and inexpensive delivery method being used), what do you think will happen when actual everyday objects lose their value from people printing their own? Even NASA has been emailing blueprints for tools up to the International Space Station.  

So why will we even need money? What happens to our current economic, manufacturing and value systems? These beginner questions, along with the changes coming from automation that was discussed in episode 29 of JPG is going to force us to change our society in ways we aren't taking into consideration today.






Vesper's Line in the Sand by John J K Morris

Vesper is going to cost a whole lot more - for a whole lot more. Announced earlier on Daringfireball. Q Branch are raising the price to what they say is a realistic level and as a statement to other developers towards the real cost of developing software on iOS.

If Vesper pricing could motivate other devs to raise prices to a sustainable value then good luck to them. I want more quality titles on the app store instead of the free crap that incorporate in-app purchases.

If those developing Vesper also have other well paying jobs then that's great as they didn't have to draw the line in the first place, they don't need to allow their other jobs subsidise the making of Vesper. Who better to take this position? 

gruber quotes.jpg

Those dwelling in the Safari-extension-enabled, unofficial comments section on daringfireball would disagree. But public twitter comments share a sentiment that justifies the stance that Q Branch is taking. Let's see what happens.