Hello, my name is JonathanJK.

Who would have thought when I was named 'JK', it would stand for 'just joking' in the internet age? I assure you 'JK' is a real part of my name!

I’m an image-maker/journalist living in Hong Kong since 2012. It's my second time to Hong Kong, I returned having lived here in 1981-84. My first memories are from this region of the world! Asian culture has always been a part of my soul. 

On a daily basis I try to share my insights and experiences about Hong Kong, whether its through my YouTube or Periscope channels. 

If you'd like to support my channel please consider the Patreon link. I keep adding member benefits regularly as the live streaming platform evolves.

I hope the videos are insightful, fun and inspire you to explore this part of the world eventually. Leave a comment or follow me on my social media!

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