Who would have thought when I was named 'JK', it would stand for 'just joking' in the internet age? I assure you 'JK' is a real part of my name!

I’m an image-maker/journalist. I have been living in Hong Kong since 2012. It's my second time in Hong Kong, I returned having lived here in 1981-84. My first memories are from this region of the world! Asian culture has always been a part of my soul. 

On a daily basis I try to share my insights and experiences about Hong Kong, whether its through my YouTube or Periscope channels. 

I hope the videos are insightful, fun and inspire you to explore this part of the world eventually. Leave a comment or follow me on my social media!


You've probably come here because I pimped my website on Periscope, I probably didn't explain myself very well so thank you for coming. What do I do? I do all manner of broadcasts on Periscope and YouTube. It's all related to Hong Kong culture and my life here. 

Some people want to donate money for my efforts, if you'd like to also, then tap the ko-fi.com link (it's basically PayPal).


  • #scopechat with Iris, the owner of The Mahjong. An Airbnb decorated in the style of Mahjong - #1 Ranked Hotel by TripAdvisor (Periscope)

  • #Foodscope in Fortress Hill with PlateCulture (Periscope)

  • The Big Buddha by drone -Sign up with the link here - ko-fi.com. (Pericope)

  • Episode 8 of #5countries1month (YouTube)

  • The Moscow Metro (YouTube)


* Donators to my channel are invited to private broadcasts and are able to comment in LIMITED CHAT scopes. The minimum donation I accept is $3US for six months via PayPal or ko-fi.com/jonathanjk.