17,000 Words of Insightfulness


I asked Jeff Williams, the senior vice-president, if the Apple Watch seemed more purely Ive’s than previous company products. After a silence of twenty-five seconds, during which Apple made fifty thousand dollars in profit, he said, “Yes.”

Such a good quote from this New Yorker article. Here's another one. 

Michael Ive, remembering his son’s hamster obstacle course, wondered if young people were now “too screen-focussed.” On a sidewalk outside the studio, I later saw an employee looking at his Apple Watch while balancing an iPhone 6 on his forearm.

The second quote illustrates perfectly how much thinking goes on at Apple. They've seen the consequences of the success of their own products (iPhone) and will raise the level of thought into the next one (Apple Watch). Apple use these products and so are invested in them themselves.*

This is where I feel that other companies will just think about churning out more phones or more computer watches for us to stare at. I am beginning to like the restrictions of the Apple Watch even more. I still don't want one, I want something like the Jawbone which totally eschews the screen.


*It would be nice if Apple allowed something like f.lux to happen on the phone. There is a bigger danger with staring at blue light after sunset. At the moment I can't jailbreak so instead, I wear blue-light blocking glasses. If you can jailbreak check f.lux out here.