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5 Countries in 35 Days - How will it be done?

5 Countries in 35 Days - How will it be done?

I get to fill in more countries on my 'Been' app!

I get to fill in more countries on my 'Been' app!

A Brief Outline

Starting this August on the 10th, Rea and myself will be travelling. It will be the first time for me to go back to the UK since I arrived in Asia, way back in 2012. Not only is this a chance to introduce Rea to my family, but also to show Rea where I grew up for a large portion of my life.

Rea has shown me where she has grown up in HK, it's my turn.

The plan for us both is to visit the UK (London, Blackpool and maybe Manchester), but also Germany, specifically Bremen to visit friends there.

Because schedules and the demanding HK work ethic matters, I'm only with Rea for 14 days out of the 35 days of travelling. Rea will leave me in Germany as she makes her way back to the UK and then Hong Kong.

I'm travelling to five countries in this order - UK, Germany, Russia, Mongolia and then the People's Republic of China (don't confuse it for the Republic of China). 

The cities I'm travelling to are (also in order of visitation) - London, Blackpool (not a city really, but a wannabe for sure), possibly Manchester, Bremen, Berlin, Moscow, Vladimir, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Bator, Beijing and then finally Hong Kong

Donations Have Made This Possible (skip this section if you don't like talking about money)

This kind of once in a lifetime trip is only possible because my Patreon has been successful enough that in essence all my travel costs have been taken care of, along with all the costs towards the accommodation.

The only other costs to take care of are of course food and internet access when I'm out and about, I already know I have wifi at every single location I'm staying in so I can do a daily live-streamed vblog.

I don't get paid holiday pay with my job, so I will not be earning my usual months wages, roughly $2500USD and then when I get back I will have to work a month in hand. Ultimately getting paid in the beginning of October.

By not working I'm not earning $2500 for August.

I'm actively looking for donations for internet access, I'm asking for donations on Periscope because that's where my largest audience is. If you're somebody who has watched me day in and day out and clearly finds value in what I produce, then I'm asking you to contribute as it only seems fair to encourage more 'content' a viewer might enjoy by donating towards the costs of the internet.

It's a good test for me to see who is really interested in what I do, if nobody is interested then fine, I'm still making the YouTube videos regardless. Those who don't want to contribute anything will still get something, but you'll have to go to YouTube for it for the most part.

As an aside, I think it's too easy to sit back at the moment with all the content available and take it for granted, producers have to be supported somehow and I see no reason to go the extra distance and spend potentially upwards of $200USD for internet access and for that money to be taken for granted.

The whole point of making my new YouTube series '12 Countries 1 Month', is to show what it takes to get something like this off the ground when it comes to planning, the series has also allowed me to practice my video editing skills, whether its through a particular style or working inside a timeframe to get multiple episodes out in a given week.

It doesn't look likely I'll be making many live-streams on the streets of where I visit as the donations thus far have been pretty low to non-existent. Fewer donations actually means less work for me, and importantly, it helps with understanding who is really engaged with the videos I produce.

Does it sound like I expect something from viewers? In a word, yes. In short, I will go the extra distance if people want to contribute a maximum of $4 dollars for this trip. I don't think it's a lot of ask either.

What Will I Be Doing?

While I'm travelling I will be making vblogs for my YouTube channel, this is more likely than the Periscope live-streams because of the availability of internet in all the countries mentioned. None of them are an equal to Hong Kong when it comes to coverage. Yes I know they aren't the same, I'm just stating the simple idea that I can make a live-stream pretty much anywhere in Hong Kong and we can all take it for granted.

The trip itself will cost $3333 USD or £2500. Episode Nine of my vblog discusses the planning behind this trip.


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