A small GoFundMe Project

I've started a small GoFundMe project for a portable microphone. It can be found here. Check out the rewards as well. It will be put towards making better quality Periscopes when it comes to audio capture. This is the microphone in question.

It's a small high quality travel microphone that plugs into a Mac or an iOS device. I'm looking to simplify my travel recording gear while at the same time enable me to create better sounding podcasts and periscopes.

At the moment I have two options. First, to travel around with my laptop and my larger or desktop microphone (which needs to be boxed to protect it when carried around).

Second, I can solely use my iPad or iPhone for the ultimate in portability, but microphone positioning and quality will never be perfect or controlled with 100% satisfaction.

With this GoFundMe I can just use an iPad and this iPhone sized microphone with far fewer compromises.

The microphone in HK costs $2000HKD (HK Apple Store), in the UK it is £199 (UK Apple Store). But because there is no sales tax in Hong Kong, I can set the funding goal lower than the UK price and take advantage of the price difference by buying it still in Hong Kong. This also means it's easier for people to help me out as well.

The rewards are kind of odd, but fit in with the character of myself and my periscopes. 

The project can be found here. Thanks for looking and/or donating.

UPDATE: After four days, the funding goal was met. Thanks to everybody who donated!