No James Bond For You

The Canadian government, supposedly in this article has 'caved' due to pressure from the United States on the copyright expiring on James Bond earlier than it probably won't* in the US. Canada's terms are author +50 years, whereas in the States it's author plus +70 years.

That meant anybody could create and sell stories this year using the James Bond character in Canada (and only in Canada, they can't be exported). Imagine interpreting Bond material like how anybody can use Shakespeare's works today in what ever way they want, this is because Shakespeare's work is in the public domain, James Bond now won't be.

This tiny incident represents what is going wrong with work that should be going into the public domain by now, as agreed by governments under the Berne Convention. Something which the US has always had a problem with.

*The US has a habit of extending copyright law for companies like Disney.