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Follow Backs

If you're already following someone doing this, what's the point? The one's that don't follow can't see you complaining.

If you're already following someone doing this, what's the point? The one's that don't follow can't see you complaining.

A request for a followback happened in a very significant way recently, a journalist (@RedaMor) from NBC contacted me while scoping, commented on how he liked my scopes and said he would follow. The next comment was to ask if I follow back, anybody taking a quick glance at my profile can see 6500 subscriptions vs 48 follows (at the time of writing). @RedaMor didn’t make further comments. Later I checked that he wasn’t following me. He’s just looking for the followback.

I had been meaning to write on this topic and had been sitting on a different draft until @RedaMor contacted me.

Asking for a followback in general is ridiculous, it’s mostly an effort to inflate one’s status with no clear return for the person being asked while taking advantage of their goodwill.

What’s the benefit to you?

You’ve just opened yourself up to new notifications you’ll probably lose interest in and the other person is being disingenuous and will unfollow anyway. The scoper in question by the way has 10,000 follows while he follows 4500. Do YOU @RedaMor?

I’m not sure on his strategy if you can do this. 

But why don’t I follow back? Simply put, I'm slow to follow anyone as I want to create great content. It's my desire to follow constructive scopers I can learn from and importantly I’m wary of notification fatigue (hashtag minimalist). Yes, I am aware we all use social media differently, but let's make a conscious effort towards cultivating the tools were are using if we are note already.

Lewis C.K. got some hassle a while back for not following anybody on Twitter, Twitter users were upset he wasn’t using it ‘properly’ (he wasn't following back). Kinda ridiculous when what’s actually happening are other people are placing expectations on Lewis C.K.. To Lewis, Twitter was a marketing tool, he didn't need to do anything, but push tweets out to his fans.

Lewis C.K. made me think about my approach, I began to refine the use of all my social media networks; they are all set up differently with very little cross over.

So if I’m asked for a followback, I make sure upfront what that person asking does, and I encourage everybody to start doing this in order to relieve oneself from notification overload and to give attention where it's earnt. Most importantly, people asking for follow backs are also asking for your time and mental energy, it isn’t free so don't take it for granted.

It can seem confrontational to ask, but a proper content creator shouldn’t take it personally and should have an enticing response. Someone half committed won’t and is looking for the follow. I’m trying to genuinely ask for quality content and understand their commitment to Periscope, if a person doesn’t scope, why bother following?

Periscope is more significant because of it’s on demand nature, each follow is another TV channel. How many channels do you flick through on your TV currently?


First Edition of Periscope Etiquette (How to not get blocked).

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