General Updates

Hello, it's been a while since I've written anything new. The whole website has barely existed in maintenance mode while I video blog every day on Periscope.

There will be a blog post coming out soon regarding my thoughts on Periscope. I have already discussed some of my thoughts in episodes 1 and 4 of the Hello from Hong Kong podcast which you can find on the iTunes store here.

Updates to the site are very small, I've removed the Hong Kong People Podcast from the navigation along the top, that show ended 2 months ago and I want to concentrate on the new HK themed podcast. As long time readers will notice, I'm not using Squarespace for the new show. I've gone back to a paid service because I can have more fine tuned control over the show and gather better statistics.

Some of the content from the previous podcast will return in various forms later.

If you are new to my website and want to catch more of me. You can find me here also: