New Podcasts for February

This has been a very busy month, even if I fitted in a quick holiday to Thailand. This month I launched my third podcast series, this is my most serious and specific yet. Regular readers of the blog will know about the Hong Kong People Podcast. It's where I sit down in each episode and talk about Hong Kong's past, present and future with the interviewee.

All in all, 12 episodes have been released in the month of February. Enjoy.

Hong Kong People Podcast (subscribe here).

Already this month there have been 5 episodes released. The plan is to release 50 episodes this year on a 6 day release schedule. I'll be doing this podcast in series as I don't think I could sustain this level of output. In 2016 I'll release another 50 and so forth. This particular podcast is special from the other two as I can host it myself on Squarespace. Squarespace has worked out even better for me financially as I don't need to host it on Libsyn like I do with the other two podcasts.

  • Episode 1 - Chelsea.
  • Episode 2 - Nikki.
  • Episode 3 - Vanessa.
  • Episode 4 - Rea.
  • Episode 5 - Harminder and Tai.

If anybody from Hong Kong is listening and likes the show, please contact me and I'm happy to bring visitors of the website on the show.


JPG (subscribe here).

Episode 27 is what it is through an informal discussion with my co-host Charmaine. She's thinking of getting a squarespace account. So that's me trying to work through my first week. Episode 28 can seem a little mysterious if you judged it solely from the title. It's actually a discussion of CGP's Youtube video 'Humans Need Not Apply'Adam and myself attempt to solve some of the problems that the video raises. Episode 29 is a reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come', a New Yorker article by Ian Parker. Parker gets amazing access to the old and new Apple campuses and speaks to many important faces at Apple, with the focus on Jonathan Ive. The article is 17,000 words long and I was inspired by Mike Hurley of to do a reading of it. 

  • Episode 27 - First Week with Squarespace.
  • Episode 28 - Socialism and Genocide Sitting in a Tree.
  • Episode 29 - A Reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come'.





Prick Me (subscribe here).

Ami and myself finally finished our critic of Susanne Venker with Side E of 'An Anti-Feminist'. Then the next episodes from Prick Me are a discussion of various news stories we've come across. Next month I'll be doing some interviews with various individuals about their thought processes when it comes to dating, this is alongside our usual discussion topics. With that idea taking time to create, Prick Me episodes are possibly being moved to a longer release schedule. Most likely one episode every two weeks just like JPG.

  • Episode 10 - An Anti-Feminist, Side E.
  • Episode 11 - A News Round Up.
  • Episode 12 - Photography as a Tool for Gender Equality.
  • Episode 13 - Agreeing with Compliments from Men.

If you like any of the shows, stick around, subscribe and if possible leave feedback on the iTunes Store.