Podcasting in March

Damn, March has already gone, I can't believe I'm recapping the podcasts of that month already, ten in total! Let's have a look at what we've done. 

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30 - Cool Story Bro. Only one Game of Thrones discussion themed episode this month. Here we cover episodes 3 and 4 of season 4.

31 - 'It's Wonderful that it's thin, Good For Them'. Myself and Adam cross international borders via the internet and get down to discussing Apple's latest announcements. (There is also an after show, in that I want to know how Adam is getting on with his 16GB iPhone 6+, we talk about the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Stargate, rant about the Sci-Fi channel amongst other things).

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14 + 15 'Dating with Jonathan', this is the start of a new series where I interview people about their dating habits and personal interests. It's only fair to start with myself if I subject others to the microphone.

16 - Price to Pay, in this episode, Charmaine and myself discuss Tinder's pricing structure and she shares a personal dating story.

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I managed to fit in 5 episodes from five people for the month of March. They are all under an hour and of course everything is about Hong Kong. Interestingly, I've met people from Tinder who came on the show and I'm getting my first recommended guests coming on the show. From those that don't know, I'm making 50 episodes this year for this first season.

Other Podcasts - I've already discussed my recommendation for the Joe Rogan Experience, but I downloaded episode 601 after noticing Katy Bowman was his guest. I've spoken about Katy before here. I'm so glad she is vocalising her work via a podcast as it's fascinating stuff regarding the biomechanics of the human body and for healthy living. But now, I know she talks on her own podcast and I want to mention it here.

Other News - I have a dedicated 'studio' space for podcasting now. It's simply a fold down table from Ikea which I've drilled into the wall. It makes a huge difference from before wear most of the casts were done around the sofa or on my mattress! I've pictured it as my photo editing table though, but you get the idea.

Also if anybody reading this is in Hong Kong and would like to come on the Hong Kong People Podcast then please contact me via the contact page above.

I've also added a FAQ here.