Periscope and Possibilities

“Yeah I know what a periscope is”.

“No, Periscope is an app, you should live stream your exhibition for those who can’t get here”.

This week I have hit Periscope hard. I have found myself watching rednecks pull a tree with an estate car, random Periscopes involving weed, John J. Legere - the CEO of T mobile dropping comments in a Periscope about tips to make better Periscopes (as if they are different from other broadcasts ;-)), I even tried to pitch to a producer from Hollywood with my time travel story and I told one young lady that one of her eyebrows were bigger than the other.

There is so much randomness on Periscope. It’s potentially Youtube in scope, but live and much more ephemeral.

It has only two months old and already one Periscoper has 40 million hearts, that means collectively we have tapped the screen 40 million times just to enjoy his periscope (that’s how it’s done to show appreciation). He is on course to hit 200 million by 2016.

Some people are clearly moving faster than others, understanding how to capitalise on this new social network. Others not so much, with them expecting viewers to entertain them with their presence in their periscope.

If the camera is pointed at you, you’re the performing monkey I’m afraid and you need to figure out how to perform.

That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out this week.

You just have no reason not too when you’re given so much in an app. Just three months ago I wouldn’t know what it really took to set up a live stream other than some possible extra hardware and playing with software settings, I don’t even want to pretend I knew the price and cost of time for all that. Now I don't need to. I can neglect all that. I jest need a name for my broadcast.

I know for starters I can live stream my podcasts, that already changes the dynamic of the show and build the audience, I’ve also started very informal workshops with Periscope, to understand the discovery mechanism inside Periscope. I even have repeat viewers already (once somebody follows you they are notified of your next broadcast).

Even without ‘Periscope’s first engineer’ jumping into my broadcast to discuss some of the workings of the app, I’m already looking forward to seeing how this personal live streaming (our own TV station) is going to change how we share ourselves with one another.

I would like a native iPad app though.

If you use Periscope, you can find me on there as 'Jonathan J K Morris'.