Podcasting in July

Things have slowed down this month due to timing and illnesses. But things are coming back together.

JPG (Subscribe Here)

Only one episode this month from the JPG crew. In that one episode Adam and myself discuss the probable death of King Stannis Baratheon and look back on his contributions to the Game of Thrones series.

Hello From Hong Kong (Subscribe Here)

My new Hong Kong themed podcast started off without a hitch, episodes should be out every two weeks, two episodes have indeed landed. In episode one I chat with a popular Periscoper named John in Hong Kong and we discuss this new medium. We also see where it can be taken and discuss what its like being first on a new platform. Episode two is an episode I never published from my Prick Me podcast, it has been easily adapted for Hello From Hong Kong and my guest and myself discuss the dating scene in Hong Kong.

  • Notice episodes are coming out on Thursdays (Wednesday in the US) for both shows? It's probably going to be like that for the foreseeable future. :-)
  • I'm also looking into getting a portable mic for on location podcasts instead of lugging my laptop and yeti mic around, things would be a lot easier. Let's see.