Podcasting in June

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The output was doubled this month! Four brand new episodes, two discussing Game of Thrones, one reviewing the new Avengers movie and episode 41 discusses the latest in Apple news.

Hong Kong People Podcast (Subscribe here)

I had a delay with releasing the last two episodes of this show. Yes you read right, the last two episodes. The show has been cancelled. In these two episodes, I interview a local art therapist and a local school teacher. Both episodes are under an hour.

All is not lost, I enjoyed doing the Hong Kong People Podcast and learnt a lot making them, while my schedule and theme was really tight, it allowed me to to refine my process.

Instead, I can happily announce my new podcast, again based around Hong Kong as its central theme, but with the format being looser to allow other types of discussion on the show. The show can be found here (rss link) and when it has passed the iTunes review team I'll post the link here as well if you don't want to deal with rss feeds.

See you all at the end of July with regard to podcasts.