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Schedule for the Upcoming Scope Day in Hong Kong

Hello to those reading because of our collective scopes advertising a Hong Kong scope day. A series of 20 minute scopes of Lantau Island from the most popular Hong Kong Periscopers.

Together we are providing almost 6 hours of content for your viewing pleasure in order to show off Lantau Island, an island west of HK island.

Lantau Island la.

Lantau Island la.

Here is a rough approximation of the locations, colour coded for your convenience of the places we are going to collectively scope.

The schedule above lists 3 different times, HK time, PST and UTC as well so you can properly align yourself with who and what we scope.

Hong Kong scope day starts with John Ho on the cable car and then we will pass the scope around the largest island in the Hong Kong SAR. 

We are using the hashtag #ScopeTeamHK to promote this event.

All participating scopers can be found here on Periscope if you are a web viewer:

The Ridiculousness of it All

Podcasting in September/October