Oh Just 3D Print It.

There's an article over at Geek.com regarding a new type of Beehive. It's a big deal because it's a beehive with a tap. That means you don't disturb the bees so much when collecting. Imagine the extra convenience and less stress placed on the bees.

Anyway that isn't the point. The point to note is currently the last comment by commentator 'TR'.

Looks like after someone gets one they can 3D scan and print the parts to make another. Ooh, I didn’t say that...
— TR (Geek.com commentator)

3D printers are public knowledge, but how many are out there? Well Gartner says:

The latest forecasts from Gartner on 3D printers worldwide sales are 108,151 units in 2014 and 217,350 units in 2015. This number will then more than double in 2016, 2017 and 2018, when he is expected to exceed 2.3 million units sold.
— http://www.favorangels.com/global-sales-of-3d-printers-will-double-in-2015/

Even with expected sales accounted for up to 2017, we are still not talking the first year of iPhone 1 numbers (5.4 million Q3 2007-Q3 2008). But what TR's comment illustrates is the disruption 3D printing is going to create. TR mentions 3D printing the beehives because the creator of the beehive is selling the beehives with taps for over $400 USD.

TR's comment already takes for granted a technology that's already been enabling people to circumvent typical everyday transactions that occur today.

If you have one of those 3D printers or know somebody with one, there's no need (as a beekeeper) to buy it. We are on the cusp of everybody downloading anything they want. If you thought the music industry was being buggered by Napster (because the value of music dropped as soon as there was an alternative and inexpensive delivery method being used), what do you think will happen when actual everyday objects lose their value from people printing their own? Even NASA has been emailing blueprints for tools up to the International Space Station.  

So why will we even need money? What happens to our current economic, manufacturing and value systems? These beginner questions, along with the changes coming from automation that was discussed in episode 29 of JPG is going to force us to change our society in ways we aren't taking into consideration today.