Questioning the Live Streaming

Another kind of break from blogging, sorry, I assure you though I love my website, in many ways it's very satisfying to write, edit, delete and write and hopefully construct something that is half intelligent. I'm comparing my blogging to live-streaming on Periscope and Facebook of course. My fingers have been getting itchy and it's just welcoming to type something out. 

Recently the viewing numbers on Periscope are getting lower and lower, either through a combination of people's apathy or boredom,  muting their phone due for reasons x, y and z*, and because Periscope can't promote good scopes, and creating some sort of useful categorisation feature to allow it's users to see the best stuff. Best is subjective I know, but YouTube doesn't have this problem and are great at recommending more content for me to watch. After a year of the app existing we still only have two generalised (and passive) ways of finding scopes. I find the editor picks are too American focused or concentrate on the same familiar scopers. 

Word of mouth is still king in my opinion, also if you haven't done so, follow stream curators like @geoffgolberg who make an effort to be a third option to finding something interesting to watch. 

I also don't necessarily believe notifications now are the best method to deliver multiple streams of video, and for iOS users especially, there needs to be a way to create rules for receiving different types of notifications. Can you imagine a notification for every tweet from those you follow, sometimes the demand for attention can feel like that.

As scopers, we had it good last year, everybody's attention was up for grabs and we milked it for what it's worth, now not so, and what I think is happening is people are muting their phones faster than new people signing up. Numbers are down, live and on replay as well as exponentially there are more scopers to watch (again not necessarily quality scopes). 

I aware 'brand influencers' and 'Apostles' have a negative impact on Periscope as people chase the money, luckily I don't watch or focus on them personally and can't comment that much on them, I do know they upset some scopers and seem to have worked beautifully to somehow stay or repeat their presence on the main feature list therefore distorting Periscope's value. That's the shop window for example; there should be a better selection on offer for users. 

Interesting to note on a personal level, even though I have 12,000 subscribers, the live views and replay views are getting so low I might as well private scope (all together I might get 250-350 views once I delete the scope, that's around 2.5% of my overall audience), that way I can stay on point without being trolled and my patreons are better serviced. When questioning the value of audiences, it's the number of random (and the chance of being featured) vs a dedicated audience who are literally investing money in watching streamed content. Oddly, my patreon sign ups are increasing as live viewers are going down. It's worth thinking about as the medium evolves and streaming isn't necessarily valuable either live (though that's the main draw people say) or people realise it's quicker and better to just read a blog post about information that's represented in a stream.