Re: Google Promoting Android Wear Watch Faces

John Gruber writes (in regard to this link):

"This post epitomises the differences between Google and Apple".

Gruber's overall view btw is that Apple won't open up the watch face and Gruber seems in support of that idea.

While it's certainly a salient and valid point Gruber makes. I feel Apple is missing out on offering something that would contain more of a cultural significance on an individual level. Apple say the watch is their most personal product yet, but don't go far enough in allowing a type of personalisation that distinguishes itself from the next personal device (iPhone).

I would prefer to be able to customise MY lock screen on the iPhone and if I wanted an Apple watch, I'd like to 'own' a design that best represented my tastes rather than the tastes and ideals of a single group of designers who have a minimalist hard on for the San Fransisco font.