June Updates

Two blog posts in as many days, I know, such a treat.

Let's get into it, what did I do. Aside from the podcasts, which have been held back by scheduling arrangements, I did pump out a few down below for both podcasts.

Second, I've started doing little things on my YouTube channel (link in the top corner). I'm trying to make shorter videos for a secondary audience. Shorter means edited of course and I hope it pans out. It does slow my periscoping down somewhat because of the need to record almost all the scopes I make.

JPG Podcast (Subscribe here).

These are all Game of Throne related I'm afraid. There are three episodes, 49-51.

Hello From Hong Kong (Subscribe here).

The two highlighted here were made back at the end of April, episode #8 is with Nate Wong, a local jazz artist living and working in Hong Kong, the podcast features live music as well. The video of the same podcast episode is here and as a bonus, a video of the private scope chat is here.

#9 of HFHK is part of a larger project looking at the homeless situation in Hong Kong. I chat with Jodie in what was a private scope and then made into this podcast episode. The video of this interview is here.

YouTube Videos

From a bunch of videos I've made an ever expanding set of playlists for easy grouping.

A collection of interviews from this year alone on Periscope. This includes Sam's Tailors, Jeremy Monteiro and with Eugene Po and also Mikee discussing Transgenderism.

Tours of Hong Kong. There is only one, but soon an expanded list of edited Periscopes that streamline what was a live video.

A new fun playlist 'Trolls & Roasts' where I hit back at the trolls who live under our scopes ready to pounce, This playlist works in conjunction with 'Periscope Highlights' where I edited only the funniest and incidental of events from my live streaming. I can't expect you all to watch ALL my scopes from end to end now can I?

Going back further in Time to May, did you forget John Ho and myself went to Taiwan 2016? There is a whole album of videos that not only discuss the planning of this trip, but also all the great scopes from my half of the trip.

Finally we end with a reminder of what I've done to bring awareness to the Homeless in Hong Kong. More coming soon on this topic!

Podcasting in June

JPG (Subscribe here

The output was doubled this month! Four brand new episodes, two discussing Game of Thrones, one reviewing the new Avengers movie and episode 41 discusses the latest in Apple news.

Hong Kong People Podcast (Subscribe here)

I had a delay with releasing the last two episodes of this show. Yes you read right, the last two episodes. The show has been cancelled. In these two episodes, I interview a local art therapist and a local school teacher. Both episodes are under an hour.

All is not lost, I enjoyed doing the Hong Kong People Podcast and learnt a lot making them, while my schedule and theme was really tight, it allowed me to to refine my process.

Instead, I can happily announce my new podcast, again based around Hong Kong as its central theme, but with the format being looser to allow other types of discussion on the show. The show can be found here (rss link) and when it has passed the iTunes review team I'll post the link here as well if you don't want to deal with rss feeds.

See you all at the end of July with regard to podcasts.