Logic Pro X Woe (and Fix!)

I've hit a curious issue with Logic Pro X. I want to shed some light on it as I can't simply bounce (export) any podcasts out onto my desktop for uploading online

The podcasting setup I employ is super simple, I don't do music production at all with Logic, it's just me and a Blue Yeti mic making podcasts every week.

Today I just happened to be recording my spoken intro just fine, on testing the audio in Logic everything was peachy and then on bounce (to mp3) I got huge amounts of distortion and static. Where it came from I have no clue. I thought it was my Yeti until I tested my built in MacBook Pro mic and headphone mics. Logic then bounces out clean test files.

So I thought the Yeti mic was damaged. The plot thickened when I  tried recording in audacity (exporting out from Audacity using AIFF) and everything on export is totally fine. It feels like Logic is picking on my Yeti mic for some reason and it's only happened today after recording a number of podcasts with Logic, I've made podcasts weekly without any problems.

Now, the next part of my investigation led me to import the (Audacity) AIFF file into Logic and just bounce that back out again.  Guess what, static, so it's not even the mic! I've played with normalise even though I've never touched it before.

Turns out it's actually something to do with my i/o buffer settings in Logic's Audio preferences. I posted a request for help over on this discussion page, there was a second answer, but it seemed too destructive for my taste. Glad the simpler of the two options offered worked fine.

This video from Youtube provides a clear explanation with setting up the I/O buffer accordingly.

In a nutshell, keep the buffer size small for recording, make it high for exporting or mixing. Pity that Logic itself can't do that for me or detect what I'm trying to do and prompt me.