Oh Ireland

By accident, due to a set of legalese I'm barely interested in, mushrooms are legal for the moment in Ireland. But... 

“They all have very significant health risks that outweigh any perceived recreational benefits.” - Mr Varadkar

Then I thought of this slightly older two part Kevin Smith smodcast podcast (titled - 'Rogan's Run') with Joe Rogan as guest, it made me think more about the double standards governments have when it comes to recreational drug use.

Why are the more destructive drugs like alcohol and cigarettes allowed to be sold and taxed, but drugs without significant health risks like weed (especially edible varieties) and mushrooms aren't. We live with these contradictions still, maddening how governments move so slowly. Anyway, you don't need to listen to the second part of 'Rogan's Run', everything that illuminates regarding this topic is in the first part.

Part One and Part Two of Rogan's Run.