Frequently Asked Questions - Podcasts

What are your podcasts?

I manage and produce three podcasts. They are 'JPG', 'Prick Me' and 'Hong Kong People Podcast'. JPG is a podcast about geek and pop culture. We talk about movies, TV shows, technology and many other geeky topics that are related to the hosts. 'Prick Me' is a podcast about relationships, dating and the human experience. 

The 'Hong Kong People Podcast' is a weekly discussion podcast with a resident of HK about HK. Sometimes there will be specials made. The podcast is also part of a larger documentary about HK. 

Which show should I go on?

If you want to talk about issues relating to human sexuality, dating and the human experience then join me on 'Prick Me'. If you want to talk about Hong Kong then the 'HK People Podcast' is more appropriate. 'JPG' isn't accepting guests unless you can bring a topic that is 'geeky' enough for it. 

Where do you record the show?

The show is typically recorded in the Yau Ma Tei area of Kowloon. Sometimes the show can travel to you. This needs discussing on an individual basis with each guest. I now have a dedicated studio space however in my apartment.

How do I get on the show?

Contact me via the Contact Page at the top of the website.

Why isn't the HK people podcast in Chinese?

At the moment I only speak English because I am from the UK, my desire is to have some Chinese speaking guests and other special shows. I will be aiming to make bi-lingual episodes later on however.

How long is an episode. 

'JPG' is dictated by the discussion and energy of the hosts. There is no real limit. 'Prick Me' topics can be multiepisodic so they are split into parts. Each part shouldn't be longer than an hour. HK people podcast episodes are under an hour. 

Where can I subscribe to any of your podcasts.?

All my podcasts can be found on iTunes here - JPG, Prick Me, Hong Kong People Podcast.

This page will continually be updated as and when needed.

New Podcasts for February

This has been a very busy month, even if I fitted in a quick holiday to Thailand. This month I launched my third podcast series, this is my most serious and specific yet. Regular readers of the blog will know about the Hong Kong People Podcast. It's where I sit down in each episode and talk about Hong Kong's past, present and future with the interviewee.

All in all, 12 episodes have been released in the month of February. Enjoy.

Hong Kong People Podcast (subscribe here).

Already this month there have been 5 episodes released. The plan is to release 50 episodes this year on a 6 day release schedule. I'll be doing this podcast in series as I don't think I could sustain this level of output. In 2016 I'll release another 50 and so forth. This particular podcast is special from the other two as I can host it myself on Squarespace. Squarespace has worked out even better for me financially as I don't need to host it on Libsyn like I do with the other two podcasts.

  • Episode 1 - Chelsea.
  • Episode 2 - Nikki.
  • Episode 3 - Vanessa.
  • Episode 4 - Rea.
  • Episode 5 - Harminder and Tai.

If anybody from Hong Kong is listening and likes the show, please contact me and I'm happy to bring visitors of the website on the show.


JPG (subscribe here).

Episode 27 is what it is through an informal discussion with my co-host Charmaine. She's thinking of getting a squarespace account. So that's me trying to work through my first week. Episode 28 can seem a little mysterious if you judged it solely from the title. It's actually a discussion of CGP's Youtube video 'Humans Need Not Apply'Adam and myself attempt to solve some of the problems that the video raises. Episode 29 is a reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come', a New Yorker article by Ian Parker. Parker gets amazing access to the old and new Apple campuses and speaks to many important faces at Apple, with the focus on Jonathan Ive. The article is 17,000 words long and I was inspired by Mike Hurley of to do a reading of it. 

  • Episode 27 - First Week with Squarespace.
  • Episode 28 - Socialism and Genocide Sitting in a Tree.
  • Episode 29 - A Reading of 'The Shape of Things to Come'.





Prick Me (subscribe here).

Ami and myself finally finished our critic of Susanne Venker with Side E of 'An Anti-Feminist'. Then the next episodes from Prick Me are a discussion of various news stories we've come across. Next month I'll be doing some interviews with various individuals about their thought processes when it comes to dating, this is alongside our usual discussion topics. With that idea taking time to create, Prick Me episodes are possibly being moved to a longer release schedule. Most likely one episode every two weeks just like JPG.

  • Episode 10 - An Anti-Feminist, Side E.
  • Episode 11 - A News Round Up.
  • Episode 12 - Photography as a Tool for Gender Equality.
  • Episode 13 - Agreeing with Compliments from Men.

If you like any of the shows, stick around, subscribe and if possible leave feedback on the iTunes Store.

Introducing the Hong Kong People Podcast

I'm introducing my third podcast alongside my existing shows - JPG and Prick Me. The HK People podcast has just been approved for listening on the iTunes Store. This now rounds out my triplicate of podcast shows. The podcast is focused on the subject of Hong Kong.

This new show is a conversational podcast focused on understanding some of the people who live in Hong Kong and their relationship with the city. Each week till the end of the year, the topic will be about Hong Kong from the perspective of that particular person. 


Hong Kong is going through many societal and cultural changes at the moment, this is already on top of Hong Kong’s world famous dynamic nature. Anybody in Hong Kong during the 2014 protests know this. The protests themselves were unexpected and different for a normally peaceful region.

I met and got to know many people over those few months, all of them sharing with me their stories, their heart, HK’s history and its potential future. I think these opinions needed recording, naturally as a photographer I have been taking pictures already and eventually I'll be making a book documenting Hong Kong and the 50 year hand over. There is a gallery above which is forming the basis of that project in the photography section titled 'New Territories'. Expect it to be updated often.

Any regular reader of this blog knows I also like to podcast, and it’s becoming a serious hobby of mine, so it was obvious to try and merge my love of photography and my passion for podcasting together.

The book will come later and that's the problem with a book. NO book unless it was written in a series of volumes could possibly hope to contain all the changes, opinions and emotions contained within HK. A book also takes time to make, and is less about the now and more to do with looking back. This is how I can have a part in both. I feel the podcast can be closer to the present, a bit more inclusive compared to a book as people will come onto the show and share their thoughts on a weekly basis with me, while the book is an end point, whenever that may be.

Something that doesn’t make headlines due to the lack of drama and level of civility are the many crowds that form in order to just discuss what is happening in relation to the protests.   These very public talks ranged from the communist’s approach to the movement, who is really in charge in Beijing, how well informed many mainland Chinese actually are about the protests in Hong Kong, the beginning of the occupy protests with first hand accounts of the firing of teargas and media’s misrepresentation of the events thus far.

Something that doesn’t make headlines due to the lack of drama and level of civility are the many crowds that form in order to just discuss what is happening in relation to the protests. These very public talks ranged from the communist’s approach to the movement, who is really in charge in Beijing, how well informed many mainland Chinese actually are about the protests in Hong Kong, the beginning of the occupy protests with first hand accounts of the firing of teargas and media’s misrepresentation of the events thus far.

Hopefully each week I can publish a conversation, building a library for everybody to enjoy. The book itself will be an edited version of the podcast with pictures that are related to the things we've discussed. It will contain 50 of the best conversations and maybe others from people not from the podcast. That’s also one person for each year of the 50 year hand over.

The book is all in the future though, let’s talk again about the podcast as it is now. Each conversation will explore a person’s relationship with HK’s past, present and future. These would start from a set of beginner questions and we’ll see where we go after each conversation. Of course I’m looking for a wide range of opinions and wouldn’t want to discount anybody from coming on the show and sharing themselves with me and hopefully an eager audience who will enjoy listening. That means if you want to come on the show, please contact me, details are in the show notes.

My first episode was recorded with my friend Chelsea, she spoke very passionately about her first thoughts and already wants to come back on the show! Hope you’ll find this first episode interesting and you'll consider subscribing.

You can find the show here.


In our first episode after the short introduction to the format of the show we speak with Chelsea, a 30 something who lives on Hong Kong Island. 

Besides what will be our usual topics, we discuss:

  • Li Ka-Shing, Lydia Dun, 
  • The types of Hong Kong thinking
  • Were people losing money during the 2014 protests?
  • Taiwan is the next Hong Kong?
  • D7689 on the Standard Chartered Run
  • Apple were being ‘warned’ with the delay of the iPhone 6


  • 00:00 - Introduction to the show
  • 03:28 - Chelsea
  • 04:15 - How was it for the handover ceremony?
  • 05:34 - Do you know anybody who left HK around 1997?
  • 06:52 - Do you remember where you were on the night of the ceremony?
  • 11:45 - Thoughts on Hong Kong today?
  • 13:54 - Were people losing money during the protests of 2014?
  • 20:25 - Paying tax the awkward way.
  • 21:47 - The energy in HK is different?
  • 24:31 - What should the young people do?
  • 25:00 - Where should Hong Kong people go?
  • 27:22 - Puma doesn't really care. Companies beware.
  • 30:38 - Hopes for True Democracy?
  • 33:19 - Optimistic on HK's future?
  • 34:35 - HK is sterile.
  • 40:30 - Somebody else for the show? 


Release of iPhone 6 Delayed in China -