'Welcome to Macintosh'.

There's a new podcast out called 'Welcome to Macintosh', I found it on Daringfireball.net, I've already listened to all three episodes thus far. The episodes are short and they so far chronicle the little interesting things that have been developed around the Mac and Apple over the years. Think of Applefolklore.org, but far more contemporary and in audio format!

Two things were made apparent to me though. First, it's another tech podcast; it's more than just a bunch of fans talking around their microphones and chatting. This podcast along with Inquisitive's mini series 'Behind the App', are elevating the tech genre in the podcasting medium, there is more reportage and cultural analysis being employed. As somebody who listens to probably to too many tech podcasts, I hear a lot of overlap when large groups of like minded people are commentating on singular technology events. These two podcasts stick out for trying to do something different. They are also a sign that the genre is growing up and becoming self-reflective.

Second, These two podcasts revolve around Apple. I haven't come across a similar podcast in the same style into the effects of say Samsung's or Microsoft's impact on our culture.