Saying No to 30 things for 30 days. #NoinNovember

As with many things do, they dawn on me late or at the last minute. One idea I have is to effectively go cold turkey with the 30 things I've listed below. I'm not doing this because of some serious drama, I'm doing it because I can and I have some self-awareness that I am am focusing my energy in one place and not the other.

I'm also trying to hold myself to a standard, where I practice what I preach and when I use to talk to people about trying Paleo for 30 days, I would say, it's just 30 days. How hard can it be?

I feel I need to remind myself what 30 days of introducing a change feels like.

Surprisingly some people on Periscope feel I should live a little, but this 30 day restriction of things, has come about because I have 'lived a little'.

I'm someone already with a high degree of will power, its partly the reason why I never really have any destructive vices like smoking or drinking. I know they aren't for me, but also if you're studying the list, you notice I make no attempt to put a stop to my alcoholism or chain smoking; because there isn't any!

Modern life has a way of letting little things get inside your way of living, enhancing some aspects of life to an unnatural level and it slowly takes over, some good some bad, I want to take control a bit better of what I do on a day to day basis.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own". - Bruce Lee

Below is the list of 30 things to say NO to in NOvember.


  • to drinking coffee - i'm not addicted to coffee, but it falls in line with wanting to save some money, I think I spend $20 US dollars a month (£16). I'll switch to tea anyway.
  • to eating carbs - ever since coming back from my month holiday I have been eating more carbs, I want to stop eating bread again.
  • to sleeping after 10pm - this is something else I've fallen off the wagon on, I use to be pretty strict about this, no not so much, sleeping late isn't good for you and I want to get back into a routine where I can enjoy my mornings more than my nights.
  • to eating sugar - no ice cream basically!
  • to shaving - probably the only short term fun one to be had here aside from (13)
  • to gaming unless on the MTR - I catch myself sneaking in a quick play here and there when I could be doing something else. It's not good to just go cold turkey on something because most people will fail at doing it, I'm just promising to restrict myself to playing while I'm commuting.
  • to missing the gym (12 sessions in the month) - I need to get my ass back in the gym.
  • to not creating a schedule - a proper schedule will allow me to fit my life changes in*.
  • to spending any money unless it is transport or food related - I want to see how much I can save for the month, there is a new iMac I desire after all.
  • to adding of articles, you need less at the end of November - this one is a trickier one and something some people probably never think about, but its an important one because its saying something about my consumption habits. Whenever I scroll on a timeline and I see something I think I might enjoy reading I'll give it a like so as to bookmark it. The next time I jump on twitter say, instead of going to take the time to read said article I saved, I actually keep looking on my updated timeline for more interesting articles to read. Why do I do that? Have you realised you do this also. It's the reward of something more or needing to be kept up with the new, in the now. I have saved a number of things on various timelines that I should get through or dismiss by the end of the month; making sure I have fewer things 'liked' by the end of November. 
  • to porn - this is an attempt to desensitise myself to an extreme form of lust on my part, racket things down.
  • to masturbation, only sex - this is the same as the previous one, sometimes a person can favour a form of pleasure over another. Don't misunderstand, I'm not pounding the meat to an extreme level (what is extreme if you know you should stop though?).
  • to saying no to things (especially to Rea) - I say no to Rea a lot, I'm making an attempt at making up for it. This one is for you Rea x.
  • to Facebook for the whole month - why not, fuck that website.

These next five are attempts at limiting my ability to be in the now, I don't need to text someone straight away, I don't need to read what's salient now always. It can actually wait.

  • (1) to Twitter for no longer than 30 minutes on desktop, - delete ios app (per day)
  • (2) to whatsapp on my phone (I have it on my computer, but I'm not on my computer all the time)
  • (3) to Reddit for no longer than 30 minutes on desktop - delete ios app (per day)
  • (4) to Facebook messenger - delete ios app for the month (I don't have the official Facebook app on my phones anyway)
  • (5) to Dating apps - I talk a lot to a lot of people, I'm putting a stop to that for the month.
  • to swearing - I do swear a lot, nobody has complained, but I like to do it from time to time.
  • to eating out unless Saturday (because of schedule) - I have caught myself taking the easy road out when preparing meals, again its a chance to save some money, because iMac.
  • to less than 4 swim sessions in the month - need to start swimming again, my cardio is shit.
  • to using the phone when walking - I catch myself doing this while being critical of others, its a bad habit, that needs to stop.
  • to buying of plastic bottles - we live in a world of convenience, it's easy to forgot how much waste we produce at an individual level.
  • less than 5 mins of meditation for five mins a day - this is something I've wanted to do for a while, now is a good chance starting tomorrow, same goes for the next one.
  • less than 5 mins of stretching every day
  • going without a day telling Rea I love her - I don't find it hard to say 'I love you' to Rea. But isn't it nice to go through that process?
  • less than 4 Mandarin classes in November - I said I wanted to learn Mandarin, now is the time to do it again.
  • effort spared in trying to write down my dreams - this one was suggested to me, I use to do this when I was younger (in fact the last 6 were suggested to me so thanks to those that helped)
  • electrical products after 9pm - turn my brain off before sleeping, electrical devices have a habit of exciting the brain to an unnatural high with the dopamine kicks one gets from receiving messages and what not. My brain needs chill time.

*I'm thinking long term, how many of these changes can I keep once the 30 days are up, that's what I'm looking forward to. I am able to get pleasure from the long term payoff.

That aside, I'm not asking anyone to join me on doing this, I'm partly inspired by Joe Rogan's recent move to give up weed and commit himself to certain acts alongside his friends who are also giving up or putting effort into something else. I liked what he did and thought what's stopping me? Nothing.