Who We Are - My First iBook is Out! (Promo)

For all those who are a regular reader to my old blog, I want to thank you with a free copy of my new book on the iBookstore. With 29 chapters across 113 pages, I try to capture a part of Swansea, located in South Wales a part of the UK.

Swansea, the second city of Wales. With a rich history which is largely unknown and viewed negatively by residents and visitors alike. Swansea City was perfect for creating a positive, celebratory work about the place I lived in for six years.

Swansea famously can be referenced with just two culturally critical quotes:

'The graveyard of ambition' - Dylan Thomas

'Pretty shitty city'. - Twin Town (Terry Walsh)

My ambition was to show differing sides, something unique, something common, something personal and importantly show a beauty that isn't always seen. Who We Are is one part guidebook, one part documentary record, two parts the personal experiences of those in the book and my own.

Come and witness glorious landscapes, discover the history and culture, meet the people and savour some of the culinary delights of Swansea City.

In celebrating 'Who We Are' being released onto the store, I’m giving away a few copies and I have here five promo codes to those first few lucky readers.


If you are not quick enough, the book can be had for only £2.99 (UK), $4.99 (US) or €3.8 (EUR) in each respective store. Of course you can download a preview copy of the first 15 pages as well.

Printed hard copies use to sell for 15.00 (UK)! So quite clearly a big discount/saving as a digital book. I hope you find it enjoyable and entertaining as you discover what Swansea has to offer.

NOTE: This is a repost from my old site.