For Thanos: How to be less of a Complete Bastard.

I just want to quickly touch on one aspect of the movie, which was Thanos’ end goal: lowering the population of the universe so the other half could survive, avert disaster and live in ‘paradise’.

Thanos as the ‘bad guy’ in the film, is given an arc which many people can be sympathetic towards by being a fleshed out individual with genuine motivations with some sense. As a ‘bad guy’ he doesn’t even want to rule over overs. Thanos isn’t ‘bad’ just for the sake of being bad. For comparison I don’t even remember who the enemy was in ‘Justice League’, he was unremarkable, I also don’t remember the ‘why’, I only remember he wanted complete dominion over existence. Yawn.

See also Noah’s Ark, these ideas aren’t new or as well written.

Thanos is written well in what seems a hat trick for Marvel, we had Vulture in Spiderman, War Monger in Black Panther, and I can only hope these serve as the baseline for what an antagonists can be for future Marvel movies.

During the Infinity War, Thanos notes, that to eliminate half of those living in all existence, it should be fair, random, without judgement on who is rich and who is poor, who contributes and who doesn’t. Clearly he’s given it some moral and ethical thought to maybe get people on his side, regardless of the physical resistance he receives.

I find myself agreeing with Thanos as over population is something I think about and currently believe there are too many of us on Earth to our detriment.

Here is where I say, “but”.

But with the power of all the Infinity Stones at Thanos’ disposal, couldn’t he have made his quest less painful for everyone involved and possibly in the process received less resistance? He didn’t need to kill half of everyone. Why was he rushing? Thanos still gets to go to his paradise afterwards once the de-population button is pressed. Those were two different objectives he had, they didn’t depend on each other.

What if upon acquiring the Infinity Stones, Thanos just decided to make half of all life, present and future, infertile? Meaning people have sex and nothing happens, no babies because of a random form of contraception? Nobody would need to die other than through naturally dying of old age. What would have played out then?