Podcasting in August

Things have slowed down this month due to timing and illnesses. But things are coming back together.

JPG (Subscribe Here)

Only one episode this month from the JPG crew. There were supposed to be two, but I had editing problems with Logic. Turns out, if you leave the Varispeed on anything other than 0% the bouncing will take the Varispeed into account and bounce at the reduced or sped up rate. Then I hit my bandwidth limit trying to update the problematic episode. Anyway, episode 44 will be released in September now.

Episode 43 (with an after show) is August's only episode in that show we talk about recent trailers that I shouldn't have watched and then Adam and myself review Ant-Man. In the after show we discuss the effects of Periscope on my podcasting, not Adam's.

Hello From Hong Kong (Subscribe Here)

I'm trying to get episodes out on a 3 week release schedule. Episode 3 is out and it's an interview with a friend who has come back to study in Hong Kong, we get into the reasons why and what attracts us to this part of the world. NOTE: it was recorded live on Periscope at the same time.

  • Notice episodes are coming out on Thursdays (Wednesday in the US) for both shows? It's probably going to be like that for the foreseeable future. :-)
  • Following on from last month, I managed to buy a new microphone via a GoFundMe, funds were raised within 5 days of the fund going live. An amazing endorsement for the Periscopes I intend to make. Another thank you to those who contributed.