'Where New Yorkers Play' by Franck Bohbot

Really interesting piece of work because it's something similar to what I want to do here in Hong Kong, though naturally our reasons differ. I want to highlight the unnaturalness and contradictions of the park spaces that have been provided, but as Bohbot states for Fast Company:

“I’m interested in the relationship between the built environment and people in general,” Bohbot says. “I found it interesting to photograph courts and fields because they have a big personality. In my opinion—this is the place where everybody who comes from everywhere plays together.”
— http://www.fastcoexist.com/3041730/take-a-tour-of-the-beautiful-gritty-places-where-new-yorkers-play#5
Baseball field, East River Park & Domino Sugar, New York, NY, 2014

Baseball field, East River Park & Domino Sugar, New York, NY, 2014


The togetherness he describes as existing in New York doesn't apply in Hong Kong. When the space is being used it's akin to having different schools of fish coming together for protection against predators, but won't actually mingle because they are different species. I've seen it happen here. The majority of his pictures don't include people who inhabit the spaces he photographs. 

Commenting on the work itself, only highlights how different I envision my project can differ. Hong Kong as a comparison is denser and the places I envision being photographed could come across as being compromised because of where they are located, whereas his photos illustrate how lucky New Yorkers are with the green space they have available to them.