Watch this Watch

The Internet is discussing the pricing of these Apple watches and we now have just over a month before we actually find out. Collectively we're wondering and denying how high they could be. People who don't believe these things won't cost much more than $1,000 for the stainless steel and gold editions don't understand the Chinese market (or the basic pricing of material costs).

Living in Hong Kong for me reinforces the idea that Apple is on a winner with $10,000+ watches ($350 as well for that matter). The mainland Chinese know no bounds to obtaining and then wanting to show off the ownership of their luxury goods. This is a huge part of Chinese culture just like big cars are to American culture. Americans love their big cars, the Chinese love showing off how wealthy they are. These cultural trends are that obvious.

Do people realise how many luxury watch shops there are in Hong Kong alone? This watch wasn't meant for you, you as in the western market. I feel like the West is going to be by-standing on this one with a collective 'WTF', and learn something about Eastern Culture in the next Apple earnings report. Who knows, maybe even before that.