What Do I Do That's Worth Donating To?

Hello, You've probably come here because I pimped my website on Periscope, I probably didn't explain myself very well so thank you for coming. What do I do? I do all manner of broadcasts on Periscope and YouTube. It's all related to Hong Kong culture and my life here. (For further information see the notes section at the bottom).

Some people want to donate money for my efforts, if you'd like to also, then tap the Patreon link or you can use paypal here.

Donation Tiers


  1. #scopechat with Iris, the owner of The Mahjong. An Airbnb decorated in the style of Mahjong (#1 Ranked Hotel by TripAdvisor).
  2. #Foodscope in Fortress Hill with PlateCulture
  3. Drone Scope - The Big Buddha on Lantau (Sign up with the link here - Patreons or PayPal). Note, the link for Paypal enclosed defaults in GBP, you can change it to USD in the drop down menu provided.
  4. Episode 4 of Prick Me - 'Apptence' the app (June 28th)


* Donators to my channel are invited to private broadcasts and are able to comment in LIMITED CHAT scopes. The minimum donation I accept is $1US a month via Patreon, large one time donations CAN be made via PayPal if you don't like monthly withdrawls (we can discuss arrangements privately via email). This schedule ONLY LISTS the daily scopes that I can commit to, these don't include spontaneous scopes or interview scopes for example unless they are 100% confirmed. Saturdays and Sundays are also not normally included, not because of the lack of scopes, just for the moment I don't have a regular schedule and its more random on those days!