Jodie Cheung (Business Owner)

Hello from Hong Kong and welcome to episode 9, in this episode we meet Jodie of Simple Kitchen. SImple Kitchen is a small business that provides food to those in need. Jodie’s ‘Kitchen’ delivers food parcels free of charge to the elderly so as to help Hong Kong’s old people not make an unfair and difficlut choice between spending money on food or their rent.

We discuss some of the issues Jodie through Simple Kitchen deals with when helping the aged, we touch on some of the government assitance available, Jodie’s motivations and her future plans.

This podcast episode is actually a small part of a larger project I have undertaken through Periscope whereby I am helping the homeless in Hong Kong. All related videos/scopes can be found here: YouTube

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Simple Kitchen

SSA policy


Hong Kong's working homeless: High rents push working people onto the streets

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