Ken Choi (Olympic Medal Winner/business owner)

In this episode I sit down with Ken Choi of X-Game surf shop in Chai Wan

Chai Wan is on the far eastern side of Hong Kong Island, it use to be a large industrial sector and now a lot of the buildings have been converted into coffee shops, unique fashion stores and niche shops like Ken's desiring lower rent and more space than they would get in the more central parts of the island.

Together we discuss Ken's personal history with surfing, he was a bronze medal winner at the 1982 Asian Games for Team Hong Kong/Great Britain and we discuss the state of surfing culture in Hong Kong. During the discussion I take questions from a live audience on Periscope and I reference some articles which are included in the show notes.


How surfing suddenly became cool in Hong Kong, and its ’70s expat roots)

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Interview: Hong Kong surfing expert, Ken Choi, on the Hurley Surf Cup 2009

Lee Lai-shan - Only gold medal winner, in windsurfing for team Hong Kong, Great Britain in 1996).

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