Edwin and Dulguun from Mongolia

In this episode I'm take the podcast to Mongolia, and we meet and get to know Edwin and Dulguun, both who live and work in the capital of Ulan-Bator. 

Together we discuss how Edwin came originally as a peace core volunteer, Dulguun grew up in the country and the city, so she has kept her nomadic roots and through her we learn a little bit about the nomadic lifestyle and eating wolf. Yes, you read that correctly.

We also get some insight into gender equality, how women are treated, talk about marriage rites, touch on gay culture, the Russian influence and history and the Korean links to Mongolia.

If you're thinking of travelling to Mongolia maybe you'd be interested in knowing how easy is it to get around Mongolia just using English and the cost of living in this country.  

At the very end we also share the secret to retiring early. 


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