John Ho (Live-streamer/Entrepreneur)

To kick off the first episode, I have invited John Ho, a local Hong Kong entrepreneur and an aggressive user of Periscope, a brand new live streaming app for your phone.

Together we discuss the opportunities and motivations to be a periscoper and how to sustain the use of Periscope as it gets ever more popular, we also dip into the boundaries of personal privacy issues. We take a moment to talk about the upsides and downsides of living in Hong Kong and why Wan Chai is one of John’s favourite places in Hong Kong.

We also talk around the topic of politics, the types of English spoken here and why this podcast was created in the first place. This was a live podcast and there is a Q&A at the end of our discussion. I hope you enjoy this first episode of Hello From Hong Kong.

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Dubstep Dance | Hong Kong | Tolegen Nurzhan

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