Andrew Leyden (Live-streamer)

In this episode I speak with "Penguinsix" a.k.a Andrew Leyden. Andrew is the most famous Hong Kong Periscoper and probably has the largest following in China. While Andrew isn’t periscoping, he’s an iOS developer and a legal consultant.

Together we discuss meeting the expectations of a viewing audience while being a well known periscoper.

We get down on record why Andrew came to Hong Kong, enjoying Hong Kong, it vs Singapore, the difference in vibe periscoping in Hong Kong compared to other parts of the world.

We also talk about air pollution in Hong Kong, some of the apps he’s written as a developer, Periscope vs Meetkat, limitations with Periscope and Periscope development, taking part in the 2014 protests during the Umbrella Movement.

Monetisation from Periscope is also discussed, changes in lifestyle and the periscope perspective vs the mainstream news perspective.

At the 40 minute mark there is a live Q&A with viewers on Periscope on a wider range of topics, such a 9/11, retiring and food in Hong Kong, 

The Interview was held live in PMQ with construction and piano playing in the background. 


Penguinsix on Twitter.

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