Sam's Tailors (Tailors)

In this episode we talk with Manu Welwani and Roshan Welwani of Sam’s Tailors in Hong Kong.

This episode is edited in the middle as it took a while for Roshan to finish with a customer. I edited out the 20 minute wait.

- With Manu, we learn how Manu learnt his trade in London in order to become well known with a background tailoring for the military and applying his trade in Hong Kong.

Manu also talks about how he made some suits for David Bowie.

- With Roshan, we start with some random questions from the live audience and then talk about the power of a suit, a passion for tailoring, those who wear suits such as Colonel Gaddafi and Angela Merkel.

Please note this is a podcast modified from a periscope with the audio taken from an iPhone for my talk with Manu and later with Roshan with the audio taken from an iPad with my Apogee Microphone.


Periscope Video of the interview.

Sam's Tailors in Hong Kong