Sandra Kwok (President of Craft Beer)

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Hello to those interested in Hong Kong. I recently put out a message on reddit asking if anybody wanted to collaborate with me on the podcast.

One of the comments on reddit introduced themselves as the president of the craft beer assiociation here in Hong Kong. So I sat down with Sandra and talked about all things beer. 

For those that don’t know, I don’t drink beer. I found making this episode a treat, it has much to do with Sandra’s outward personality and engagement with the topic, this enthusiam is really something to share and I’m really happy she reached out and wanted to be on the show. I hope you like this one as well, I did. Together we talk of course about beer, mainly craft beer and home brewing scene in Hong Kong and the Asia region.

We touch on the perceptions of being a woman in the beer industry, name drop coaster magazine a few times, the perception of craft beer in HK, and we also touch on the best way to drink and bottle a beer. Again I don’t drink and I found this episode highly informative. Of course you probably do drink, so I hope you enjoy this episode.

This episode comes with a free drinking game. Drink every time I make a bad joke, have fun!

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