Jill and John (Horticulturalist)

Welcome to episode 22 of Hello from Hong Kong, I want to preface this episode by saying it’s an older discussion I’ve had sitting on the Periscope archive for over a year now. I’ve just uploaded the video version to YouTube and this month’s episode is with Jill and John from Clyde, New Zealand. Jill by the way is a Horticultural Scientist. You can find her on Twitter @apricotqueen

The episode that should have come out has some technical quirks I’m trying to resolve and if they are, it’ll be released for July, stay tuned for that one as it’s about craft beer pertaining to the Hong Kong region.

I met Jill and John while making a live-stream in a high end supermarket and the three of us weren’t really shopping as our primary purpose for visiting. I took advantage of the situation and invited them to the show, they accepted and we sat down for nearly an hour talking about the quality and selection of international food in Hong Kong compared to other parts of the world, especially with New Zealand. We talked about Japanese food, the frustration of exporting produce to China, clearing up some of the misconceptions from China, tourism in New Zealand and what’s the deal with Manuka honey?

As we converse, we also take questions from the live audience on Periscope so be aware of that.

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