Gabriel Yeung - Founder of HarmlessHK (S2E3)

Welcome to the podcast, where I sit down with someone related to Hong Kong and share their relationship with the city, with you. In this episode I sit down with the founder of HarmlessHK, a small company that is making and selling a straw that is entirely made of paper. Now I know what you’re thinking, a paper straw is probably going to collapse after the first sip. Well Gabriel rated his straw as having a 2 hour ability to satisfy your consumption of liquids and I put that to the test without his knowledge. There is a youtube video I made in the show notes showing the outcome of that test. Spoilers, it passed.

Together we discuss why his straw is necessary when there are movements underway to remove ourselves from our use of single use items, his motivations for starting his company and how does Gabriel though his company hope to contribute towards helping the environment.

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Testing the straw

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