#58 - 2018 In Review I Guess

In this episode we review the things we felt were most important to us to catch up on since Adam is back. We talk about the Marvel movies of the year, alongside some DCU, Game of Thrones season seven disappointments, and of course talk Apple in our accidental year in review.

In the future we are looking into making shorter episodes that focus on one topic and then make more episodes. We also might change the name of the podcast, stay tuned.

#57 - iPad Pro 2018 Review

Hello, I’m all on my Jacky Jones in this episode. Does anybody even listen anymore? FML.

Anyway, I talk to myself and to an imaginary audience for 40 minutes about the newly released iPad Pro 2018 because I bought one and have used it for a month and I’m sharing my expertise with you. I have already done it for the YouTube channel and I couldn’t include everything there, so you get the extra talking from me here.

I share the pros and cons with owning one, making the transition from Apple Pro apps to iPad apps NOT created by Apple.

I also go off on a 2 minute rant towards the end, I’m impressed with myself actually. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.