Stranger Things with Nostalgia

We really catch up here as we haven't been together for a while.

Myself and Adam open with some discussion to find a third host for the show who also lives in Hong Kong. Then we discuss 80s/90s nostalgia (discovering the truth behind the Power Rangers) and the most metal parts of the original transformers movie. None of the Michael Bay shit.

We touch on the topic of the new iPhone 7, nitpicking the nitpickers who bought them, whats my work flow like with only one lightning port. We come to the conclusion Apple should troll the press and call the 10th anniversary a 7s even though its all new. We discuss what we like and dislike about the new phone, and tangentially talk about some Apple products like icloud backups finally working for me. We didn't forget the camera bump.

That new Mario game, have you heard of it? Surprisingly some people haven't, nor the original Nintendo. Nostalgia creeps in.

Did you know its still a thing how people complain about the price of an app on the App Store. I get warnings from Apple on their refund policy.

Consequences of digital devices as pacificers - how do we go about developing new behavours and norms around them, using phones in cinemas. Why do people do this? Because of that I want to download movies on itunes instead of going to the cinema now.

I finally have something to watch and discuss with Adam, Stranger Things is on the menu.

Is the setting actually accurate? Comparing it against milestone 80s movies. I’m also on the penultimate episode! I don’t know what happens for the season finale!

Quick discussion of Doctor Strange and how they butchered the Hong Kong scenes.

Last topic, is the price of computing set to rise and nobody told us? We reflect on the release of the new MacBook Pro and whats to come with the iMac in 2017.

SHOW LINKS - Power Rangers Season 1 intro - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 intro (HQ).mp4 - Stranger Things (2016) - Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 (Audio) 

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