Gareth Edwards is a Damn Racist!

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Welcome back, it's been a long time and with that, Adam and myself start with re-understanding of how we start podcasting.

On top of trying to not watch trailers, I’m kneecapping the other side of the cineama experience by not even going any more. I’m waiting till the movies come out on iTunes in some form. Better value and less idiots to ruin the experience.

We add our own entry to the collective circle jerk of opinions about a movie while people are getting gassed in Syria. Shit this took a dark turn…

Rogue One is our film where spacehoppers are necessary to join in on the plot and Disney wants you to know the character’s died. There is a real life twist to this unique ending to a Disney movie. I read so far into the ending.

We put our SJW hats on and raise the important issue calling out racism where we see it and how Gareth Edwards is probably a racist with the subverting of black characters from not only RO, but his other films.

We have a quick discussion between which new Star Wars movie was better, the issue with Tarkin’s CGI representation, RO’s ending, the pronoun game, the dumbing down of movies: the story serves the studio rather than the story.

We also discuss the new trailer for DC’s Justice League (actually I didn’t see the new new one, but Adam did during podcast production), cheap movies from iTunes 

Show Notes

Westwood’s BladeRunner

E Tu Mama Tambien