'JPG' is Dead, Long Live 'Loose Rants'!

In this episode we discuss the new design of the podcast cover art, JPG is no more and the high visibility on iTunes wasn’t doing us any favours because ‘JPG’ has hardly nothing to do with photography. Now we’re ‘Loose Rants’.

I balanced the elements partly based on gender, but mostly because we didn’t want to get called out for being mesogginnistic by #triggered individuals. We have female forms of inspiration, and we discuss it as we go off on tangents about the new design I slaved away on for two days. It’s because of those two days we’re devoting another 25 minutes to the design and then we’re moving on.

Episode also include tangents about user handles and the absurdity of having a username as the unique identifier.

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Adam is @dementeddemon or ddx84 on IG.