My Podcasts

I have two podcasts currently.

JPG is my oldest podcast, started in 2012. A fun, ironic and at times, crude podcast about internet pop culture, our choice of movies to review, Apple and Technology. I'm the original Apple yser out of the two of us, Adam was the late convert after I gave him so much shit for being on Windows (legend has it sometimes Adam records from a Windows machine in his spare room to this day). Lots of jokes and swearing. We try to stay current with what's happening, but that's never so.

iTunes link and JPG (non-iTunes link). My co-host is Adam Hale (Twitter link).

Hello from Hong Kong is my third podcast to date, starting in 2015. In this more casual discussion show you can meet a tailor, an olympic medal winner, a jazz artist and a soup kitchen operator providing food for the poor, regular episodes involve a different person getting around the microphone and talking about themselves, what they do and of course talk about Hong Kong. A podcast dedicated to meeting the wide variety that is the people of Hong Kong.

iTunes link and Hello from Hong Kong (non-iTunes link).

My Top Ten Favourite Podcasts

I'm always recommending podcasts on my twitter timeline, here is a quick recap of my favourite ten shows in no particular order other than being the first ones in remembered, starting with -

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience. - Recommended to me only a few years ago, don't be intimidated by the podcast length or quantity. It's all honest, thought provoking quality discussion ranging from comedians and scientists. I skipped 'Fear Factor' and everything else that gets in the way of you giving Joe Rogan a try. This IS the most popular podcast in the internet.
  2. Bruce Lee Podcast. - My original idol, having his thoughts and philosophy explained to me by Shannon Lee, his daughter. This is one where you can seek enlightenment in small nuggets each week. When this ends I will listen to them all in their entirety again.
  3. Common Sense by Dan Carlin - Dan is someone who takes a non-partisan approach with his fresh insight on the US political landscape.
  4. The Talk Show with John Gruber - My go-to technology talk show podcast once I outgrew the others. Sometimes Apple discussion, sometimes James Bond along with Kubrick, always has too much to say about baseball. 
  5. Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan - Author of 'Sex at Dawn', Dr. Christopher Ryan meets fascinating people who wouldn't normally get any limelight. Listen to worldly perspectives and honest life accounts from the guests. Always walk away with something to think about. I donate on Patreon to this podcast, I love it that much.
  6. On the Media - The media are almost always lying shitbags, listen to OTM discussion news already covered from a point of view towards improving the coverage by either pointing out the tropes, the mistakes and the repeating patterns behind simple narratives that shouldn't be.
  7. You Are Not So Smart - Do you want to realise how dumb you are? Do you want to realise how easily manipulated you are? Do you want to be more aware? Listen to this! I donate on Patreon to this podcast, I love it that much.
  8. Exponent - Half based in Taiwan, this technology podcast talks about the larger picture in the tech industry. Each episode it always far too short.
  9. The China in Africa Podcast - I know next to nothing about China or Africa, this show helps me in some way fill in the gaps.
  10. #WeThePeople LIVE - A debate show focused on politics.