Podcasts Overview

Here are the 3 podcasts I’m currently producing, all different in style, all can be found on iTunes, Spotify or via RSS below. Enjoy!

Hello from Hong Kong

A talkshow about Hong Kong, each month I share with you somebody who has an interesting relationship with the city, whether its a TEDx speaker, Olympic medal winners, business owners, NGO’s or someone who simply lives here, HFHK brings together anyone and everyone who wants to share Hong Kong with you.


  • Usually 1 episode a month.

  • Typical episode length 60-70 minutes

  • Blog page

NOTE: All guests are followed by the HFHK twitter account in case you want to contact them.

Zero Waste Money

Imagine looking after the environment by looking after your wallet first. If our finances are healthier by our actions, then so is the environment!

That’s the aim of ZeroWaste; focusing on your ability to receive ways to save money to better look after yourself and your family and take care of your impact on the environment as a secondary consequence.


  • Aiming for 2 episodes a month.

  • Typical episode length 5-25 minutes.

  • Blog page

Loose Rants

An irreverent discussion podcast where Jonathan and Adam discuss the things that interest them the most. We chat from different timezones about our favourite movies, TV series, technology or some pertinent aspect of pop/internet culture. Each episode will contain a lot of complaining or a lot of praise and we have been definitely taken out of context. These are just our loose rants.


  • Hopefully 1 episode a month.

  • Typical episode length 10-90 minutes.

  • Blog page

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