I have two podcasts currently.

JPG is my oldest podcast, started in 2012. A fun, ironic and at time crude podcast about internet pop culture, our choice of movies to review, Apple & Technology I'm the diehard, Adam was the late convert after I gave him so much shit for being on Windows (legend has it sometimes Adam records from a Windows machine in his spare room). Lots of jokes and swearing. We try to stay current with what's happening, but that's never so.

iTunes link and JPG (non-iTunes link). The co-host is Adam Hale (Twitter link).

Hello from Hong Kong is my third podcast to date, starting in 2015. In this more casual discussion show you can meet a tailor, a olympic medal winner, a jazz artist or a soup kitchen operator providing food for the poor, regular episodes involve a different person getting around the microphone and talking about themselves, what they do and of course talk about Hong Kong. A podcast dedicated to meeting the wide variety that is the people of Hong Kong.

iTunes link and Hello from Hong Kong (non-iTunes link).