Small Numbers Matter - Part 2 - Zero Waste Podcast #trypod

TLDL?: I want to reduce the plastic I use from just eating yogurt. It isn’t that easy.


No solution to share, just a quick discussion of a conundrum that I have with my well meaning intentions vs my wallet. Something hopefully everyone can relate to if you’re interested in going zero waste.



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Zerowasting: Häagen-Dazs

TLDL?: I make the point that we need to be mindful of what we eat and we can still eat our treats in more environmentally friendly ways.


  1. Eat your ice-cream from a restaurant in your own bowl if they don’t provide one. Also ask for a discount just incase they see the benefit of you using your own utensils.

  2. Eat an ice-cream with an ice-cream cone from an ice-cream van. Where is the waste?

Show Notes

Experimental for me, I podcast on location in a 711 with some wireless headphones as a spur of the moment thing. I share my last ice-cream, which came from a packet, with you, to make the point there are cleverer ways to eat what you want without creating waste.


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$aving On: Tampons

TLDL?: Stop buying tampons each month, every year, buy a moon cup or diva cup (hate that name) as a one-time purchase, save a ton of money and save all that waste going to the landfill.

Show Notes

I sat down with Rea and got her opinion on the moon cup, so that Rea could share her experience with those who don’t anything about this wondering money saving and landfill rescuing device.

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$aving On: Household Water

Show Notes: In this episode I share my water bill, discuss water usage and questioning how we use water on a small level. I also set myself a challenge and want to share the challenge with you. Can you save 10% off your water bill?

Happy listening.

TLDL?: If you manage your water usage, it will go down and you'll save money on your water bill of course! I share 7 tips that I do myself.

Only one tip involves spending money, it's also a long term payoff.

BONUS TIP because you're reading this, I mop my shower floor of water and I also use that as flush water!

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Reduce tap water flow by 98% -

20 more tips -

45 more tips -

Zerowasting: Coffee, Cough E, Cawfee, B-E-E-R.

Show Notes

A quick aside about our consumption of coffee (not beer) away from the home. I keep a mug in my local coffee shop and no longer drink out of plastic cups. The plastic lining isn’t easily recycled and you’re ingesting elements of heated plastic in the process. I also don’t get a coffee to go, I feel I should sit down and take the time to relax while drinking some of the black.

TLDL?: Drink your coffee in your favourite mug or flask when out and about, consider the effects of the the normalised practise of ‘coffee-to-go’ and its harmful impact on the environment.


  1. Bring your own mug/flask, and get a discount to boot.

  2. Consider drinking your coffee in a coffee shop (make sure to ask for it in a mug).


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$aving On: Household Electricity

NOTE: $O = Saving Money.

TLDL?: You’re paying for electricity even if you turn things off. I didn’t even know this. Want to save some of your hard earned money? Then unplug everything you don’t need. except the necessary power switches you can set up to alleviate the inconvenience of having to turn everything on/off repeatedly.

In the process you’ll be saving money on your utility bill with a bit of planning. It can range from 5% to above 10% depending on your house hold set up.


  1. Unplug everything you’re not using (at the moment, I only have a fridge, wifi [only during the day] and a kitchen power strip attached to the mains).

  2. Charge your devices during the day and not over night to save electricity.

  3. Utilise power switches to make turning on and turning everything off easier.

  4. (OPTIONAL) Purchase an Electricity Usage Monitor to get the wattage with your devices when on standby or “turned off”.

How Much Am I Projected to Save So Far?

At a minimum, with these ideas - $48 a year with my set up.



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