12 - Product Highlight: Eco Egg

TLDL?: Buy the Eco Egg, and save a lot of money, easy.

Show Notes

In this episode I share with you another product which is definitely going to save you some serious money. The Eco Egg.

For me, as a single guy I used to spend roughly $60USD (£48) a year on washing powder that came in a non-recycable box. With the Eco Egg purchase, I’ve just spent $32USD (£25), but get this, the amount I purchased lasts for 3 YEARS! So that’s under $11USD a year!

I went from an estimated $195-$260USD over three years, to just $32. Can you save more if you have a family? I’m sure you could, easily. Then think of the amount of less waste you’re not making.

The Eco Egg is a clever and simpler way to save money, save time and save on waste clearly.

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