17 - Zerowasting: Pet Ownership

TLDL?: Pet Ownership is expensive. Here’s how to save some money.

Show Notes

In this episode I share with you the fact my cat Milo died, I wanted to do an episode on pet ownership as I was in the process of always trying to look after Milo in the easiest way to my wallet as possible. Now that he’s died, I’ll be making just this one episode with helping to save you some money.

We cover all of the cost reduction techniques I employed while looking after Milo, toilet flushing and the dangers with doing so, flushable cat litter, buying more meat instead of treats.

Money Saving Tips

  1. Buy in bulk, if not to get a discount, but to save on fuel costs and on doing a repetitive task.

  2. Have a large glass jar handy and pour as much cat food into it and seal the bag it came in. This is to open large bags as few times as possible.

  3. Flush your pet waste where possible.

  4. Buying a toilet trainer for you cat is going to save you the most possible about of money.

  5. Stop buying treats, on a per kilo basis its cheaper to buy tinned meat.

  6. Don’t buy a cat or dog, look at alternative ways to find companionship. Visit a pet cafe on a regular basis.

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