20 - Expert Discussion: Food and Beverage

TLDL?: This episode is 2 of 6 panel discussions from Hong Kong covering topics related to a zerowaste lifestyle.

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Show Notes

The interesting points that were raised during the talk:

  • By growing their own gardens with Rooftop Republic, people reconnected with food and developed an intimate relationship with the fruit and vegetables that they were raising. This is a crucial link that we lost by not being involved in the farming process in our urban jungle. We believe that all produces on shelves are just getting there automatically without seeing the farmer’s efforts and nature’s work to get them there. By getting more aware of that, we can treat what is in our plate with respect and waste less.

  • We Use witnessed consumer switch from convenience to getting engaged on their events’ impact. Enabling them to clear up their events location with minimum waste by providing them re-usable materials that they need offers optimized zero waste impact with convenience for the operator. From the mind of the organizers, looking for a change in the way they were operating, it is now rippling to consumer mind set who understand the need for a change that matters by bringing and using re-usable utensils instead of single use items.

  • At the end of our plate lifecycle, HK Community Composting is doing more than diverting food waste from the landfill. We may see them as waste but food scraps and waste are extremely valuable. Apart from landfill diversion, getting them composted brings powerful and much needed nutrients to our soils and will help them to grow more quality products in the next harvest. Compost is an asset and our waste should be treated with due respect, that’s what circular community is all about.

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