21 - Zerowasting: Plastics - Part 1: Quick Tips

TLDL?: In this episode I share how I’m saving money while reducing my use of plastics.

Show Notes

To save some more money, you have to sacrifice a little bit of convenience in the beginning but it’s entirely worth it if you have more money at the end of the month; if you’re tracking your savings already, you’ll believe me. Included are 10 tips to help you reduce your consumption of plastic and save money.

1. Bring my own reusable bag.

2. Deliberately not buying new things I don't usually buy that come in plastic.

3. Stopped buying frozen meat wrapped in plastic from the supermarket.

4. Began buying fresh meat not wrapped in plastic from the local market.

5. I buy yogurt in larger containers. From 500g to 1kg tubs.

6. I am currently reusing the 1kg tubs as plant pots so they are not being thrown away.

7. Buy cheese from the market in my own container.

8. Buy in bulk where possible, and eat-in instead of getting takeaway (but if you want take away, bring a container).

9. Carry a small container for ice-cream for those crucial, and spontaneous ice-cream purchases.

10. Try to visit your local zerowaste store for more inspiration.

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