4 - $aving On: Household Water

Show Notes: In this episode I share my water bill, discuss water usage and questioning how we use water on a small level. I also set myself a challenge and want to share the challenge with you. Can you save 10% off your water bill?

Happy listening.

TLDL?: If you manage your water usage, it will go down and you'll save money on your water bill of course! I share 7 tips that I do myself.

Only one tip involves spending money, it's also a long term payoff.

BONUS TIP because you're reading this, I mop my shower floor of water and I also use that as flush water!

Show Links

Reduce tap water flow by 98% - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/621008351/altered-nozzle-same-tap-98-less-water

20 more tips - https://www.care2.com/greenliving/20-ways-to-conserve-water-at-home.html

45 more tips - https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/45-ways-to-conserve-water-in-the-home-and-yard/

3 - Zerowasting: Coffee, Cough E, Cawfee, B-E-E-R.

Show Notes

A quick aside about our consumption of coffee (not beer) away from the home. I keep a mug in my local coffee shop and no longer drink out of plastic cups. The plastic lining isn’t easily recycled and you’re ingesting elements of heated plastic in the process. I also don’t get a coffee to go, I feel I should sit down and take the time to relax while drinking some of the black.


TLDL?: Drink your coffee in your favourite mug or flask when out and about, consider the effects of the the normalised practise of ‘coffee-to-go’ and its harmful impact on the environment.


  1. Bring your own mug/flask, and get a discount to boot.

  2. Consider drinking your coffee in a coffee shop (make sure to ask for it in a mug).

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